How To Get The Most From a Trip to the Hollywood Bowl

How To Get THe Most From A Trip To The Hollywood Bowl Los Angeles Rent A Car

The Hollywood Bowl is a classic piece of American history. First established in 1921, it has undergone many renovations over the years. Not all the work has been simple maintenance. The bowl has gotten many additions to its original features, but none that’s detracted from its original, very cool vibe.  If you’re in town for a visit, and have a Los Angeles rent a car to drive, a trip to the Hollywood Bowl is a must. We’ve assembled a list of helpful tips to make your visit to the Hollywood Bowl a trip to remember.

More Than Just Concerts

The Hollywood Bowl is certainly famous for memorable concerts, but it’s much more than a bunch of seats and a stage. The site has become as iconic as Carnegie Hall in New York, and the bowl now has its own museum right on site. Originally built in 1984, the Hollywood Bowl Museum gives a great historical context for many famous performances held there. Admission to the museum is free, so instead of hopping in your rental car at the last moment to take in a show, it pays to go early.  The Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame alone is enough to warrant an afternoon.

Traveling and Parking

Traveling to the bowl and parking isn’t as simple as rolling up at the grocery store. The Hollywood Bowl isn’t way out in the countryside, but it’s easy to take a wrong turn on the winding roads that lead to it. If you’re from out of town, and driving a Los Angeles rent a car, it’s worth a few extra bucks to rent a GPS along with the car. Depending on which direction you’re coming from, there can be a lot of traffic on nights with performances. Taking a wrong turn can cost you a lot of time.

There is limited parking at the Hollywood Bowl. Attendants stack the cars in rows, making it hard to leave early. If you can’t stay for the whole performance, it’s better to choose one of the nearby parking garages. At the Hollywood and Highland shopping center, you can get your parking validated buy purchasing something as inexpensive as a cup of coffee or a soda. You can take the shuttle to the Bowl from there, and wander around Hollywood when you return.

Food and Drink

You can find plenty of food and drink options offered at the Bowl. It’s perfectly acceptable to bring food with you if you prefer. It can be a bit of a challenge to carry everything on shuttle buses. A Los Angeles rent a car, a checkered blanket, and a basket full of goodies is all you need to turn a trip to the Bowl into the musical equivalent of a football tailgate party. You can bring glass bottles and dishware, but you’ll need to be careful if you’re sitting on the hill. There’s a substantial slope heading down towards the stage. You don’t want to send your bottles rolling into the crowd below you. Remember that you can only bring in outside food if the show is part of the regular Hollywood Bowl season.  Many performance events that lease the Bowl don’t allow outside food or drink.

Buying Tickets

Tickets to bowl events are available online at Ticketmaster. For many performances, it’s possible to park during the day and pick up tickets at the box office. You’ll save money on the reseller fees. If you’re in town for a few days, and using a Los Angeles rent a car service, it’s smart to book ahead to avoid being shut out.

Final Tips

The Hollywood Bowl management likes to avoid disruptions. They frown on attendees who use big professional camera with bulky lenses, which can distract the other patrons. You may be asked to check your camera rig at the desk if you’re tricked out like a paparazzi. Additionally, make sure you wear comfortable shoes. A lot of the walking is uphill and you don’t want to be climbing in uncomfortable shoes.

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