Is It Worth Renting a Car In Los Angeles?

is it worth renting a car in los angeles?

Visiting Los Angeles can be intimidating for first time travelers. Just going to the city is a hassle. Actually getting around after you arrive can feel overwhelming. While there are many transportation options, they each come with their drawbacks. Public transportation can be crowded and slow, and rideshares get expensive quickly. That’s why many people opt for the convenience and freedom of a rental car. Here are a few reasons why renting a car in Los Angeles is worth your while.

Car Rental Saves Time

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Los Angeles is bigger than visitors first expect. It’s hard to visualize the scale of the second largest city in the United States until you see it in person. With a footprint this enormous, it’s hard to rely on anything other than a personal vehicle. Public transportation can take hours to go a handful of miles, and you won’t want to deal with that if your time visiting is limited. Even if you’re only staying for a few days, renting a car will save you a load of time from the moment you touch down at LAX.

You Get Complete Freedom

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Being on someone else’s timetable because you have to use public transportation or rideshares really can put a damper on that vacation vibe. When you rent your own car, you have as much freedom as you would at home. Go where you want, when you want, how you want. This becomes a necessity if you want to travel outside the city, go to Disneyland, or visit a National Park. If Los Angeles is just the first stop on your California adventure, you’ll absolutely need a reliable rental car. Many rental agencies offer better rates for people renting for a few weeks or even months.

Renting Is Affordable

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While it might seem like it would cost more to rent a car for your visit, in many cases it winds up costing less. A rideshare from your hotel, or AirBnB, to one destination and back can cost just as much as renting your own car for the day. Over the course of a week or two, your savings really start to add up. While gas is expensive, most rental agencies offer fuel-efficient models that will help reduce the cost of operating a vehicle. This is especially helpful if you plan on doing a lot of driving.

Saves Wear On Your Own Car

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Some people see the cost of flying, renting a car, and booking a hotel and think they might as well drive down in their own vehicle. Unless you’re right down the road, this will certainly cost more in wear and tear to your own vehicle alone. Even if you follow all the regular maintenance, there’s no way to know when a part might fail. That’s not a situation you want to encounter a long way from home. It’s a lot safer and more economical to fly to Los Angeles and rent a car from an independent rental agency. LAX car rental kiosks tend to charge significantly more than rental companies just a few miles from the airport.

It’s The Best Way To Transport Your Family

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Most people who visit Los Angeles don’t travel alone. It’s one thing to ride public transportation or a ride share when you only have to make arrangements for yourself. Renting a car is much better for families visiting or friends all traveling. You get the freedom to explore at your own pace and make as many pit stops as you need. No matter your group’s size, a rental company will have a vehicle to suit your itinerary.

It Helps With Social Distancing

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With the recent wave of COVID-19, comes a responsibility to travel safely and social distance whenever possible. It’s hard to social distance in a rideshare or on a crowded bus. Rental cars are cleaned between uses to comply with CDC guidelines, which makes it the safest way to travel. Some rental agencies even offer contact-less vehicle pickup to make the hand-off as safe as possible.

Do You Think It’s Worth Renting a Car in Los Angeles?

Value Rental Car offers clean and affordable rental cars for local driving in Los Angeles and Pasadena, with complimentary pickup and drop off service within seven miles of our two locations. If you’re a college student, we want to help you get on the road. We rent to drivers under the age of 21, and we offer cash and debit card car rentals. Check out some of our other articles to learn more about how car rental works!

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