Car Rental Near LAX Beats Car Rental at Lax Every Time. Here’s Why

Car Rental Near LAX Beats Car Rental At LAX Every TIme. Here's Why

With the rising cost of fuel and traveling in general, it’s more important than ever to save money where you can. After booking a pricey flight and lodgings, the last thing you want to do is overpay for a rental car. Traditional rental prices have risen by nearly 30% in the last year alone. Avoiding corporate rental agencies is a surefire way to save money. However, you’ll save a lot more than money if you rent outside the airport system. Here are a few reasons why car rental near LAX beats renting at LAX every time.

Why Do LAX Car Rentals Cost More?

LAX Car Rental Rates Are High

When comparing prices between airport and local rentals, renters spend 26% more on average for the convenience of renting at the airport. While the price is higher, the rental company at the airport doesn’t necessarily profit from it. Airports often charge rental companies additional operating fees. Some airports even charge a percentage of gross rental profits to operate. Since corporate rental companies operate with thin margins, any additional cost is passed down to the customer.

It’s not just fees levied by the airports that make rentals so expensive. Some states impose a tourism fee on vehicles or hotel rooms booked through airport locations. At LAX the tourism fee is 3.5%. That might not seem like much, but once you add on 10% in sales tax and a vehicle license recovery fee, it makes a world of difference. In most cases, an independent location outside the airport will not have to charge a tourism fee, and some areas have lower sales tax on rentals.

How Much Can You Save With Car Rental Near LAX?

We mentioned that airport rentals cost 26% more on average than a local rental, but how much is that in dollars? Let’s say you rent from the airport for a week for $800. You’re likely to save $208 going to a nearby location instead. That can pay for a lot on a trip to Los Angeles. Keep in mind that the longer you rent, the more you can save due to reduced weekly or monthly rates at many rental locations outside LAX. Airport rentals focus on short-term, high turnover customers and often don’t offer discounts for long term rentals. When you factor in avoiding fees, inflated rates, and rental term discounts, you can save a lot more than just 26%.

You’ll also save a lot of time when you get a rental car near LAX instead of at the airport. It’s very rare to be able to walk off the plane and into a waiting car. Get ready to stand in line at the rental desk for a long time. The sheer number of people who pass through LAX every day makes it busy at all hours. After that, you still have to go somewhere else to get your vehicle. Airports usually have to shuttle renters to an onsite rental car facility to pick up their car, far from the terminals. At the end of a long flight, the last thing you want to do is wait around for a bus. A quick taxi ride or ride share to a local rental agency will save you hours at a critical time in your journey.

Other Pros of Renting Local

student car rental nissan vehicle interior

Airport rental agencies often impose heavy restrictions or fees based on renter age. This can make travel difficult for college students and interns who are under the age of 21. Corporate rental agencies view young renters as higher risk due to their greater chance of getting into an accident. A local rental agency can be more flexible because they take clients on a case by case basis.

Renting without a credit card can be difficult at corporate rental chains in general, and even more so at an airport like LAX. Again, it comes down to what rental chains consider risky. With a credit card on file, they can secure a deposit on the vehicle that is guaranteed to be paid in almost any event. You’re way more likely to find an independent rental company that will accept cash customers.

Where Can I Get A Car Rental Near LAX

Value Rental Car offers clean and affordable rental cars for local driving in Los Angeles and Pasadena. If you’re coming into LAX, we want to help you get on the road. We rent to drivers under the age of 21, and we offer cash and debit card car rentals. Check out some of our other articles to learn more about how car rental works!

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