How To Get a Pasadena Internship

How to get a Pasadena Internship

Internships are the best first step towards a career in your chosen profession. You get skills and experience that can only come from working for a real company. Along with that, the networking opportunities are enormous. Since the benefits of internships are widely known, many companies don’t hire someone full-time unless they’ve completed an internship in their field. Getting your first internship can seem like a daunting task to college students and graduates alike. However, there are many processes in place such as job fairs and internship finders to help you get matched with the right company. Here are a few tips on getting a Pasadena internship.

Job Fairs and Networking Events

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While cold calling companies until you get a job can work, it isn’t for everyone. That’s why networking events are the easiest way to get an internship. The company sends people with the sole task of acquiring new talent, and they’re all actually interested in talking to you about your future. Don’t be shy, while job fairs can feel busy and overwhelming, it’s an excellent place to go get your first Pasadena internship.

Make sure you bring a few dozen copies of your resume. Even better, rehearse the main points of your resume and be able to talk about them coherently. You don’t have to lie on your resume either. Being a put together, amicable person will get you further than electives. Tell them where you’re at and where you want to go. That way they can see if you’re a good fit. Do a little due diligence and research the companies at the job fair yourself. Knowing their company will help help you stand out in a crowd.

Internship Sites

After job fairs, the next best option is internship specific job-finding sites. While it lacks the personal touch of talking to a promoter directly, your application will still be reviewed by a hiring manager. Once you set up your profile and attach your resume, you’re ready to start applying. Make sure to cast a wide net by using multiple platforms. Here is a short list of useful sites:

While their system looks a little dated from the outside, this site gets results. It’s a division of M& L Research, who specialize in industry-specific employment research.

This is by far the most popular Indeed-style internship site available today. There are over 7,000 internships listed at any given time from companies all over America.

This site has over 4,500 employers in 11 cities worldwide looking for new talent. If you want to work for an international firm, this is a good place to start.

Local College Websites

While it’s not as clear cut as some of the other websites, checking on your local college’s site can yield a treasure trove of resources. Colleges often partner with businesses and alumni to place students in internships.

Asking Around

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While this is the most direct route to getting an internship, it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s easy to feel a sense of imposter syndrome, especially this early in your career. One gruff “no” can make the entire process seem futile, but it’s important to keep a positive attitude. In the business world, building connections through networking is more than just a buzzword. By meeting new people in your field, and being presentable and friendly, you can build a presence in any industry.

Even if you’re just trying to get an internship, make a list of businesses that you would like to work for and begin contacting them directly. Use the Internet to your advantage. Check out their website for any info about job openings or internship programs. If there’s no info, you can find the contact info for their hiring manager on LinkedIn and chat with them directly. Even if that company doesn’t have an internship available right now, they might be able to direct you to someone who does. Make sure to respect the time of whoever you’re contacting. You don’t need to spam their inbox to get their attention. Make sure any conversations, written or spoken, are friendly, professional, and to the point.

Preparing For An Internship

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Finding a Pasadena internship, or an internship of any kind is just the first step. It’s important to make arrangements once you’ve secured a position. Take care of housing as soon as possible. There are many places dedicated to housing interns in Los Angeles and Pasadena. A traditional month-to-month lease in the area could work as well.

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