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Justin W.

I agree with the other reviews that this place is great. Given that ratings on Yelp for car rental companies tend to be skewed really low, 4 stars is pretty exceptional for any car rental place. That was more than enough to convince me to check this place out. I rented from them from for 3 days and it was fantastic. Here's what made my experience great (in order of importance to me): - There was no BS. Unlike some other rental car companies, there was nothing shady or sketchy that I experienced here (nonsense charges, trying to sell you things you don't need and insisting that you need them, etc.). Everything was very straightforward and transparent. - The prices were cheap. The base price for 3 days of car rental was like 70 dollars or something like that. That's a pretty good price in my experience. - They're flexible. I only had my debit card and not credit card with me so a lot of the larger companies wouldn't let me rent a car from them (fair enough). When I called Value Rental Car I was promptly told that this wouldn't be a problem. - The owner Ali is a really nice guy. He makes you feel like you are his friend, and that's a good feeling to have from a car rental owner. - It was really nice inside. This probably isn't that important but the entire building, inside and outside, was really new looking. They're a smaller rental car company so they don't have too many cars in the back. Some of the cars are a little bit older (2000's). Personally that didn't really matter to me. The car was in great condition, very clean inside, and ran great. Overall, definitely come here if you're renting near LAX.

Debbie G.

I've rented cars from them on few occasions, and will continue to conduct business with them when necessary in the future. I usually call Maryam and tell her what my budget is and how long I need the rental for, she always exceeds my expectations. Not only is she nice, sweet and professional, she is also very understanding when it comes to my budget. Once I couldn't afford to pay the asked price for the car i wanted, she was able to find another vehicle with the same features but in my budget. You can't get that level of service at bigger companies like Hertz or Enterprise. Those companies are not flexible with their prices or their cars, they have set prices for each of their cars and they could care less if you rent with them or not. But Value Rental Car does everything in their power,whether its with their offers or their customer service, to earn your business and to also keep you as a long term customer. Her dad is also very nice and welcoming, everytime I see him there, we talk about his past travels and his recommendations about where me and my boyfriend need to visit 🙂 I recommend everyone to go and rent cars from here before settling elsewhere and of course, before wasting your money.. Briggete Galena I don’t care how much money I have, I would never go any where else but Value Rental Car. They have always been there for me and my children even when I was struggling with payments and they have helped me even purchase the car I was renting. I love my vehicle and get so much compliments and I would never buy or rent a car from no one else.

Maira J.

I recently shopped around for the best rates in rental cars and did not find anything to affordable until I found value rent a car, I spoke with Maryam and she took very good care of me, she gave me the best customer service and rate for a rental I will definitely be going back whenever I need a reliable and affordable rental thanks for giving great service

Jennifer P.

This place is an excellent alternative to the national chains, especially if you don't fit the criteria to rent from those chains. My daughter needed a rental while her car was in the shop and since she is not 21, her options were limited. She found this place and off we went. Maryam was very nice, knowledgeable, and professional. She explained all the charges and fees thoroughly and even upgraded the car from an older model to a new model, at no extra cost. She definitely made the experience a positive one. I highly recommend Value!

Marie P.

If I could give them a 10/10 I would !! Came to LA for a week from Alabama and this was by far the cheapest rental car I found after wasting over $400 with Avis and budget rental . The owner and front desk lady was so helpful and honest ! They have nice clean cars . They are so welcoming and friendly . They even called after we returned it to thank us for our business . They made sure we was satisfied. If your in LA area don’t even waste your time with any other rental place . Great experience and I will deff use them every time I come to Cali. Great vibes and great staff !!

Kyle S.

Easy to work with for the last minute rental and the car was in really good shape. I was coming for Michigan, and my other plans fell though. Being under 25 can typically be a hassle when trying to find a car to rent, but they were really easy to work with and they made sure I was taken care of. One key thing to note, unlike some of the other major car brands, they have a limited range that they will set for your travel, but as long as you're not going on a far away trip you should be fine. After that range limit it is a quarter (25 cents) per mile I believe. They also will do roadside assistance if you're within a certain range of their store.

Yessy G.

We needed a car for over 2 weeks and the chain establishments simply were too expensive. To my pleasant surprise my husband booked through Value Rental and we had an awesome experience. The office is no frills, clean and welcoming, excellent customer service and great value. They went above and beyond our expectations and are looking forward to renting from them again on our next trip. You guys are a breath of fresh air!

Ethan T.

A while back I was in a pinch and needed a rental car right away. I normally shy away from the "Non-Chain" agency's but this time I took a chance. What a great experience. I was greeted by Ali and ushered into a CLEAN office to do my paperwork, which took no time at all. Before I knew it, a REALLY nice car was brought up to the office. Not only is this business clean. SO WAS THE CAR! Upon inspection, this car was not only detailed, but NO SMOKE SMELL (That's important to me). I just have to say, in all the years I have been renting cars on business trips, this has to be the smoothest and fastest rental I have ever done. Communication from beginning to end, OUTSTANDING, Customer service, OUTSTANDING. Even the return was easy and I was on my way. The agency's near LAX are a zoo, always some sort of hassle. When I'm at LAX, this will be my choice for rentals from now on. No more hassle, and the rates are great. I highly recommend them to anyone who want's reliable customer service and a great car at a great rate. Kudo's!!!! I'll definitely be back

Rayshard T.

Value Rental Car is great for college student interns coming in from around the country/world to work in LA over the summer. I searched far and wide for someone to rent to me, a 20-year-old, but no one was willing unless there were unreasonably fees and policies. But Value Rental Car made it clear, affordable, and convenient for someone like me, young, no credit card/credit, and on my father's insurance. From what I could see, it was a small business compared to the major companies, but just as professional. Ali was my retailer and he was efficient and personable. He ran me through the process, inspected the car with me, and stuck to everything he said on the phone when I made the reservation. There were no hidden fees or policies. Everything can either be answered on their website or by a phone call.



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