Top Tips To Make a Trip to Disneyland Even More Fun

value rental car-airport car rentalsDisneyland is a household name. It’s one of those attractions you should experience at least once in your lifetime. Disneyland is an easy drive from LAX using airport car rentals. You should do some planning before you head out for a day at the Magic Kingdom. Between the crowds, the lines, and all the fun things to do, it can be kind of overwhelming. Here are some tips for visiting Disneyland that will make sure your trip is truly unforgettable.

Pack the Right Things

Most tourists going to Disneyland worry that they’ll forget to bring everything they’ll need. That’s not as big a problem as you might think. The most common mistake travelers make is to bring too much stuff with them. Airport car rentals make it easy to haul a lot of gear with you wherever you go, but you’ll have a better time at Disneyland if you travel light.

Your essentials should fit into something you can carry comfortably. You’ll definitely need sunscreen and a refillable water bottle. You’ll also want to pack some small snacks to nibble when you’re waiting in line for rides and other attractions. If you’ve got food allergies or dietary restrictions, packing some extra food is highly recommended.

It’s also smart to bring a portable charger to keep your phone topped off throughout the day. If you’re relying on your mobile phones as a way of keeping your group together, a dead battery can be a real problem. Another way to get the most out of your phone battery is to put it in airplane mode or turn off data.

Dress Comfortably

There’s a lot of walking and standing in line at Disneyland. That means you should prioritize comfort over fashion when you choose how to dress. You’re going to be on your feet for most of the day. Wear shoes that you will be happy to be wearing eight or more hours later.  Be ready for cooler temps in the early morning and late evening, but remember that Anaheim can be scorching hot during the afternoon. Experienced park-goers pack a sweater or light jacket that they can carry in a backpack when it’s hot, or park in a locker. In addition to a sweater or jacket, you might want to bring a spare set of clothes, in case you decide to ride Splash Mountain a lot. Don’t forget a hat and sunglasses as well.

Use the FastPass System

The FastPass system is an invaluable tool for making your trip to Disneyland go more smoothly. Most of the popular attractions use the FastPass System. Simply visit the ride ahead of time and you’ll get a ticket with a specific return time that lets you jump in to the express line. You can only have one FastPass at a time, so you’ll want to start early and get a new one each time. Remember though, that the two parks are separate so you can get a FastPass from each one. The last thing to know about FastPasses is that there is only a limited amount of tickets for each window. If you don’t get to your ride’s FastPass in time, you won’t be able to jump the lines with FastPass. However, if you don’t mind being split up, you can go in the single rider line.

Plan Your Trip Ahead of Time

While a rigid agenda for the day can definitely take away from the fun, you should use some kind of time management. There are more than 50 major attractions to see at Disneyland, and hundreds of smaller places of interest. In addition to attractions, there are restaurants, shows, and shops you’ll want to see.

Start by blocking out time for specific events like parades and shows. Once you’ve decided which big shows you want to see, turn your attention to gathering your FastPasses. Which FastPasses are you going to get? In what order? Once you’re set with your ride schedule, you can decide if you want to eat at one of the nicer restaurants inside the park. If you do, make reservations well in advance to make your meal go more smoothly. The official Disneyland app  is a great tool for planning your day, and it’s available for Apple and Android devices.

Turn Off Your Flash

You’re going to want to take a lot of pictures of your outing. For most of the park, you’re better off without a flash on your camera. When you’re on rides, you don’t want to wash out the photos with a bright LED flash. Another common mistake is taking photos of fireworks using a flash. Flashes make objects in the foreground clearer, but anything far away will be a blurry mess. Additionally, it’s a nice courtesy for the other park-goers.

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Photo courtesy of the The Jon B. Lovelace Collection of California Photographs in Carol M. Highsmith’s America Project, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division

5 Can’t-Miss Attractions In Little Tokyo

LAX rental car-Weller_CourtLittle Tokyo in Los Angeles is one of only three districts of its kind in the entire United States. If you’ve just picked up your LAX rental car it makes a great first stop because there’s so much to do and see. There’s a seemingly unending list of things to do in Little Tokyo, and these experiences are sure to be both fun and educational. From Buddhist temples to arcades full of rare games, there’s something for everyone here. On this page, you’ll find the 5 attractions you owe it to yourself to see.

Japanese Village Plaza

The Japanese Village Plaza is a beautiful outdoor mall. The first thing you’ll notice is the cherry blossoms lining the mall. These cherry blossoms, coupled with the wood-accented architecture of the mall, make for a gorgeous scene that’s perfect for selfies. In the plaza, there’s no shortage of tasty treats like the imagawayki, or freshly griddled red bean cakes, at Mitsuru’s Café. Be sure to try the mochi ice cream at Mikawaya afterwards. Once you’ve had your fill of sweets, you’re in for an entire day’s worth of shopping. The Japanese Village Plaza is sure to please the fussiest shopper.

Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple

At this temple, you can stroll alongside their beautifully kept garden. This temple holds Shinshu Otani Services, which is a sect of Shin Buddhism. If you’re lucky, you’ll be visiting during a community event, which are always lots of fun. For visitors during July, before the Obon Festival, the temple organizes bi-weekly Bon Odori practices. Bon Odori is a traditional dance that celebrates the Bon festival. The Higashi Honganji Buddhist temple is a real crowd pleaser, and a great place to visit in your LAX rental car.

James Irvine Japanese Garden

The James Irvine Japanese Garden can be hard to find if you don’t know where to go. The challenge is worth it, however, as it’s considered one of Little Tokyo’s best kept secrets. The tranquil garden can’t be reached from the street. In order to get to this beautiful urban retreat, you must enter through the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center. While you’re inside the center, check in with the information window you’ll find on your left. From there, you take the elevator down level B and make your way through a simple hallway. While you can’t bring a picnic, this is a great place to sit and enjoy a moment of peace away from the busy city.

The Union Center for the Arts

This building is a great destination in your LAX rental car. The Union Center for the Arts has been in the community since the ’20s. There are three community arts groups here that you’ll want to see: Visual Communications, LA Artcore, and the East West Players. Visual Communications uses workshops and training sessions that portray Asian-Americans honestly and accurately to promote intercultural understanding. LA Artcore has contemporary and traditional techniques from various cultures and underrepresented groups. Admission to LA Artcore is free, Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 5:00 PM. At the East West Players, you can watch musicals and plays. These plays include original works written by members of the troupe. In addition to the original works, you can find productions of classics like Sweeney Todd, and amusing Japanese spin-offs of popular stories like The Nisei Widows Club: How Tomi Got Her Groove Back.

The Blue Whale

The Blue Whale is a jazz club on the top floor of the Weller Court shopping center. The club is known for its intimate performance space and strong list of shows. The owner, Joon Lee, performs at the club occasionally. In addition to Joon Lee’s performances, he likes to book exceptional local and international talent. The club is kept focused on the music by keeping the house and bar lit with low lights. As a member of the audience, you’ll relax on short, blue cubes. This seating arrangement coupled with great lighting ensures a good view of the show no matter where you are. At $5 to $15 per show, the best jazz venue in the city is very affordable.

Little Tokyo is a great reason to get a LAX rental car and see the sights. The memories you make in this endearing district will last you a lifetime.

Photo of Weller Court in Los Angeles courtesy of Justefrain on Wikimedia, Licensed under Creative Commons

How To Get The Most From a Trip to the Hollywood Bowl

Los Angeles rent a car hollywood bowlThe Hollywood Bowl is a classic piece of American history. First established in 1921, it has undergone many renovations over the years. Not all the work has been simple maintenance. The bowl has gotten many additions to its original features, but none that’s detracted from its original, very cool vibe.  If you’re in town for a visit, and have a Los Angeles rent a car to drive, a trip to the Hollywood Bowl is a must. We’ve assembled a list of helpful tips to make your visit to the Hollywood Bowl a trip to remember.

More Than Just Concerts

The Hollywood Bowl is certainly famous for memorable concerts, but it’s much more than a bunch of seats and a stage. The site has become as iconic as Carnegie Hall in New York, and the bowl now has its own museum right on site. Originally built in 1984, the Hollywood Bowl Museum gives a great historical context for many famous performances held there. Admission to the museum is free, so instead of hopping in your rental car at the last moment to take in a show, it pays to go early.  The Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame alone is enough to warrant an afternoon.

Traveling and Parking

Traveling to the bowl and parking isn’t as simple as rolling up at the grocery store. The Hollywood Bowl isn’t way out in the countryside, but it’s easy to take a wrong turn on the winding roads that lead to it. If you’re from out of town, and driving a Los Angeles rent a car, it’s worth a few extra bucks to rent a GPS along with the car. Depending on which direction you’re coming from, there can be a lot of traffic on nights with performances. Taking a wrong turn can cost you a lot of time.

There is limited parking at the Hollywood Bowl. Attendants stack the cars in rows, making it hard to leave early. If you can’t stay for the whole performance, it’s better to choose one of the nearby parking garages. At the Hollywood and Highland shopping center, you can get your parking validated buy purchasing something as inexpensive as a cup of coffee or a soda. You can take the shuttle to the Bowl from there, and wander around Hollywood when you return.

Food and Drink

You can find plenty of food and drink options offered at the Bowl. It’s perfectly acceptable to bring food with you if you prefer. It can be a bit of a challenge to carry everything on shuttle buses. A Los Angeles rent a car, a checkered blanket, and a basket full of goodies is all you need to turn a trip to the Bowl into the musical equivalent of a football tailgate party. You can bring glass bottles and dishware, but you’ll need to be careful if you’re sitting on the hill. There’s a substantial slope heading down towards the stage. You don’t want to send your bottles rolling into the crowd below you. Remember that you can only bring in outside food if the show is part of the regular Hollywood Bowl season.  Many performance events that lease the Bowl don’t allow outside food or drink.

Buying Tickets

Tickets to bowl events are available online at Ticketmaster. For many performances, it’s possible to park during the day and pick up tickets at the box office. You’ll save money on the reseller fees. If you’re in town for a few days, and using a Los Angeles rent a car service, it’s smart to book ahead to avoid being shut out.

Final Tips

The Hollywood Bowl management likes to avoid disruptions. They frown on attendees who use big professional camera with bulky lenses, which can distract the other patrons. You may be asked to check your camera rig at the desk if you’re tricked out like a paparazzi. Additionally, make sure you wear comfortable shoes. A lot of the walking is uphill and you don’t want to be climbing in uncomfortable shoes.

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Roll On Over to the Petersen Auto Museum In Your Rental Car

A rental car is the perfect way for a tourist to see everything Los Angeles has to offer. Unlike many other cities, Los Angeles is very spread out. Having a rental car at your disposal makes it easy to see more while you’re in town.

One of the more interesting attractions in Los Angeles is a monument to the city’s car culture itself. The Petersen Automotive Museum re-opened just two years ago after $125 million dollars in renovations. Founded in 1994, the Petersen Museum has a vast array of vehicles that trace the history of motoring. From the moment you pull up to the building, you will enjoy striking visuals from both the building and the exhibits in the galleries inside.  The first thing you’ll notice is the building’s amazing new façade. It uses sinuous ribbons of stainless steel to give the feeling of speed, and to mimic the lines of the custom automobiles on display.

Huge Additions

The Petersen didn’t just remodel their museum. They also added 15,000 square feet of display space and 25 new galleries. Even if you’ve visited the museum in the past, you’ll be sure to see something new.  The museum still houses numerous galleries devoted to automotive history, of course. They’ve also added lots of more contemporary attractions. Younger visitors will love the exhibits from the Disney/Pixar Cars movies.  Everyone can also try their hand at racing on Xbox Forza racing simulators. The new mixed with the old means everyone can find something interesting at the new Petersen.

Race Car Galleries

If racing gets your motor revving, you’ll find plenty of race cars and racing motorcycles on display. The exhibits include historic examples, up to and including modern day race cars. You can sneak a peek at a new $400,00 Ford GT, and learn a little of the history behind it. A walk through the motorsports gallery makes you feel like you’re traveling through time. It’s informative and fun to see all the different ways engineers have tried to get the edge on the track. It’s also interesting to see how many racing design strategies eventually end up on regular passenger cars.

Industry Galleries

If you’re interested in the engineering that makes the rental car you arrived in run, take a stroll through the Industry floor. On this floor, you can learn everything from the beginnings of internal combustion to ow the assembly line revolutionized the automotive industry. It’s not a dry, technical exhibit, either. The museum features the personal stories of the mechanics, drivers, and inventors that have made the automotive industry so important to America and the world.

Art Cars

For the artist inside you, there’s an entire floor devoted to art cars. It’s fun to see cars that have been turned into fine art that can not only move you physically but move you emotionally and mentally as well. From the Mullin Family Grand Salon to the Armand Hammer Foundation Gallery there is no shortage of breathtaking art in the form of vehicles.

Fun Learning

At the Petersen Auto Museum, there’s no shortage of learning opportunities. With galleries like the Design Gallery and the Propulsion Gallery, you and your family will learn about both the aesthetics and engineering of vehicles. Everyone loves to see cars from movies at the Automobiles in the Movies gallery, including internationally famous James Bond cars.

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How To Go Cruising On Mulholland Drive

There are many scenic locations in Los Angeles. The city has great museums, scenic parks, iconic locations, and famous restaurants. If you take advantage of car rentals at LAX, you can also find plenty of scenic roads to tour. One of the most famous scenic drives in Los Angeles is Mulholland Drive.

Mulholland Drive starts in Calabasas and stretches 21 miles to the heart of Los Angeles. It soars high above the Santa Monica Mountains and Hollywood Hills. This lends itself to spectacular views of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. If you’ve always dreamed of tooling along Mulholland Drive like a movie star, here’s a list of great places to see the sights, and places to stop and enjoy along the way:

Lots of Access Routes

Mulholland Drive is very easy to get to in a rental car. You can choose from any number of different ways to hook up with Mulholland Drive from various parts of the city. Here are some of the easier access routes: to get to Mulholland drive:

The 405 Freeway

It’s easy to find the west end of Mulholland Drive right off the 405 freeway. This is the best route to take from anywhere in west Los Angeles, near the Los Angeles Airport. Take the off ramp for Mulholland Drive and follow the signs.

The 101 Freeway

From North of Mulholland Drive, you can take the 170 freeway to the 101 and get off at Barham. Then turn left onto Cahuenga Boulevard West. From there, Mulholland Drive will be a side road to the right off Cahuenga, about a half mile up the road. There aren’t any signs except for the street sign, so make sure to watch out for it. You can also use the 101 freeway if you are south of Mulholland. Again, look out for Barham, and continue south along Cahuenga until you get to the turnoff for Mulholland Drive.

Laurel Canyon Boulevard

Laurel Canyon Boulevard. is another popular street to for tourists to cruise using car rentals. You can get to Laurel Canyon Blvd from the south by heading west on Hollywood Boulevard, or Sunset Boulevard, to Crescent Heights Boulevard. Head North on Crescent Heights Boulevard, which becomes Laurel Canyon Boulevard at Hollywood Boulevard. Continue North on Laurel Canyon Boulevard through the hills until you get to Mulholland Drive at the top of the hill. You can also head south on Laurel Canyon Boulevard from the 101 freeway or the 170 freeway if you would like a different route to Mulholland Drive.

Coldwater Canyon Drive

Similar to Laurel Canyon Road, you can get to Mullholland Drive by taking Sunset Boulevard to Beverly Drive, then traveling north on Beverly Drive until it becomes Coldwater Canyon Drive. This route is best if you just drove your rental car down to Rodeo Drive for a little shopping or celebrity watching. From north of Mulholland, you can take Coldwater Canyon Avenue south.

Places To Stop and Visit

There are lots of great shops, restaurants, and historic locations that are worth a stop top all along the drive. You’ll recognize many iconic locations from movies and television shows. Here are some of the more well known locations to check out:

Universal Studios and Universal CityWalk

Universal Studios is a great place to visit and spend a few hours or a whole day. You can enjoy the full featured amusement park within Universal Studios, or take a walk along the beautiful outdoor shopping area of Universal CityWalk.  The experience comes complete with lots of famous stores, attractions, and places to take that perfect selfie.

Runyon Canyon Park

If you like hiking the hills, check out Runyon Canyon Park. It’s situated in scenic Hollywood Hills, and it’s a great place to walk, jog, or just sight see. There are many trails to hike on, and the views from the hills are fantastic. Simply take Runyon Canyon road right off of Mulholland Drive, and the park is just a few miles south.

Car Rentals Make Touring the Hollywood Hills Easy

The Hollywood hills offer a great driving experience, and a chance to see beautiful celebrity mansions and get up close and personal with the Hollywood sign. The Griffith Observatory is also a great place to visit and spend an afternoon. If you have a car for touring, simply cruising around the Hollywood hills is a sure bet for relaxing fun while seeing how the stars of stage and screen live.

The Hollywood Bowl Overlook and Museum

One can’t-miss spot is the scenic Hollywood Bowl Overlook. The overlook is just off Mulholland Drive. It offers spectacular views of both the Hollywood Bowl and the iconic Hollywood sign. In addition to the overlook, you can check out the Hollywood Bowl Museum. Inside you’ll enjoy thought provoking exhibits on the cultural events, history, natural environment, and architecture of the Hollywood Bowl. You can also take a guided tour of the Hollywood Bowl, complete with visits to the backstage and onstage area, lus the best seating areas, which also feature a stunning view of the Hollywood sign.

Fly and Drive In Los Angeles

If you’re visiting Los Angeles, you’ll really need a car to get around. Long and short term car rentals from Value Rental Car in Inglewood and Pasadena are the best way to tour Mulholland Drive, and to see everything else Los Angeles has to offer.

Photo courtesy of the The Jon B. Lovelace Collection of California Photographs in Carol M. Highsmith’s America Project, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division

Essential Hollywood Landmarks for Los Angeles Tourists

Hollywood is perhaps the most famous area of Los Angeles. While its reputation as the center of Tinseltown is unchallenged, it has a lot more to offer for tourists. Hollywood is ethnically and culturally diverse, and it’s full of history. Tourists can grab a LAX rental car and spend a whole week just exploring this neighborhood.

Hollywood is overflowing with numerous attractions and landmarks that will excite any sightseer. Here are some of the most famous landmarks that are a must see for anyone visiting Hollywood:

The Hollywood Sign

The most recognized landmark in Los Angeles is the Hollywood sign. Originally conceived as an advertisement for local real estate development, the Hollywood sign become emblematic of Los Angeles’ bustling entertainment industry. This is quite the iconic landmark, with HOLLYWOOD spelled out in striking white letters. The entire sign is 350 feet long and each letter is an amazing 45 feet tall. Check out some of the most spectacular photographs taken of this iconic sign located in Griffith Park.

The Walk of Fame

While exploring fifteen bustling blocks of Hollywood Boulevard, you’ll discover more than 2,600 five pointed stars with the most famous names in Hollywood. Clark Gable, Katherine Hepburn, and Dr. Seuss are only a few of the charming and interesting celebrities featured on the Walk of Fame. You can spend the entire afternoon searching for your favorite stars and exploring Hollywood. If you’re lucky, you may even catch an upcoming Walk of Fame Star Ceremony.

Capital Records Building

A Hollywood tour wouldn’t be complete without seeing the Capital Records Building. This iconic thirteen-story tower was completed in 1956. It was  designed by Louis Naidorf to look more or less like a stack of records. If you thought you couldn’t get any more Hollywood than that, think again. Tthe blinking light atop the Capital Records Building spells out the word “Hollywood” in Morse code.

You can end your Walk of Fame tour at John Lennon’s star, located right outside of the building’s entrance. Capital Records produced albums from some of the most famous acts in music history, including The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Tina Turner, Duran Duran and many more.

The Stahl House

The Stahl House is a lesser known attraction, but it’s considered an iconic piece of Modernist architecture. In 2013, Stahl House was listed in The National Register of Historic Places since it has been used in several famous films like Corrina Corrina, Why do Fools Fall in Love, and Galaxy Quest.

In the 1950’s, Buck Stahl paid about $50,000 for the land, house, and pool. Today, this house is worth at least 2 million dollars.  Rumor has it that Stahl’s widow has turned down offers of 15 million dollars for the landmark. Before you book your LAX rental car, be sure to explore the Stahl House interior virtually. You will get the chance to experience what it’s like to live in one of the most iconic houses in Hollywood history. You can make reservations and pay a small fee with the Stahl family, and even get a tour with Buck Stahl’s wife, Carlotta.

Chinese Theater

Located on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard, the Chinese Theater opened in 1927 with the premiere of Cecil B. DeMille’s film The King of Kings. It’s fun to watch a movie inside the theater, but the real action is outside on the sidewalk. You’ll find nearly 200 celebrity handprints, footprints, and autographs embedded in the concrete. It’s a fun place to poke around, and a good place to enjoy a break from your long walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The theater is very crowded, so it pays to reserve tickets ahead of time if you want the full movie experience.

Take Your LAX Rental Car and Explore

Hollywood will probably be just one of many pit stops during your trip around Los Angeles. This city has a lot to offer for historic sites and landmarks. It’s fun and convenient to rent a car for daily driving while you’re in town. Value Rental Car makes it easy to rent a car for your vacation with two convenient locations at LAX Airport and in Pasadena.

Take a Long Walk On the Santa Monica Pier

On the shoreline of Southern California sits a jewel of the Los Angeles region — the city of Santa Monica. From shopping on Rodeo Drive to enjoying the sun in Venice Beach, the City of Santa Monica has many spectacular sights you won’t want to miss. Best of all, it’s just a short trip away with a car rental from LAX.

The Santa Monica Pier is right on the Pacific coast of the city. From funnel cakes to trapeze lessons, there are dozens of things to do and see at the Pier. The Santa Monica Pier is a great destination to drive your car rental to for shopping dining, fun, and spectacular views of the ocean. Here are a few of the attractions you can enjoy while visiting the Santa Monica Pier:

Fabulous Eats at Great Restaurants

You can sample some of the best cuisine in Santa Monica right at the pier. Enjoy classic hamburgers and fries at the Pier Burger. There is an old-style soda shop, with real ‘soda jerks’ where you can have a hand pumped soda or ice cream sundae. For fancier dining, you can sample fine Italian dining above the pier at the Ristorante Al Mare, or traditional Santa Monica seafood at The Albright. No matter what kind of food you desire, there’s somewhere on the Santa Monica Pier to satisfy your cravings.

Shop Till You Drop

Within a short car rental drive away of the Santa Monica Pier are several shops that you can check out to see some of the latest styles, fashions, accessories, shoes, and more! It’s easy to park your rental car and wander to familiar stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, Adidas Shoes, and American Apparel. The Santa Monica Pier has lots of local flavor, too. The Oatman Rock Shop is a fun place for beachgoers, with a beautiful assortment of local sea shells, along with a gorgeous collection of crystal and jewels.

Take a Selfie At Palisades Park

On top of California Sandstone bluffs, Palisades Park is a beautiful oceanside park that offers breathtaking views of the ocean and beaches below. In addition to the beautiful views, the park boasts a wide variety of trees, flowers, and other native California plant life. At over 26 acres, the park extends over a mile north of the Santa Monica Pier.  This makes the park a great place not only for beautiful pictures, but for exercise buffs. The park provides a perfect place for walking, running, and biking. In fact, many fitness groups use the park to train for sporting events.

Take the Full Walking Tour of the Pier

If a lesson in history is your game, the Santa Monica Pier holds a fascinating story over its 100-year history. All you have to do to join in one of these tours is to head to the Pier shop on Saturday or Sunday at 11:00 AM or noon. The tour guides will take you though a free, three-hour tour of the Santa Monica Pier. It’s interesting to see how the pier has changed over the past 100 years.

A Hidden Gem: Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

Heal the Bay’s public marine education center is just underneath the historic carousel building. Children and adults alike can get a genuine hands-on experience with live sea creatures. There are hundreds of local species on exhibit to see and enjoy, as well as daily educational programs. The aquarium is a great way to enjoy and understand our vast seas and oceans, without getting your feet wet.

Leave Your Car Rental Behind and Hop on the Bus

If you’re tired of driving, it’s relaxing to park your rental car and take a ride with Starline Tours. Their iconic double decker buses offer trips all around Santa Monica and LA.  They also include tours of the homes of famous stars, the breathtaking beaches of Santa Monica and Malibu, movie studio tours, and more.

Take a Ride at the Pacific Park Amusement Park

Pacific Park is the only amusement park on the West Coast situated on a pier. The Pacific Park is home to the first solar-powered Ferris wheel, an icon of the Santa Monica pier. Besides the Ferris wheel, guests can take also a ride on any one of a dozen rides. Rides include a roller coaster, a 9-story sky tower, bumper cars, and more.  When you’re done, you can enjoy some of the many carnival games.

Grab a Rod and Reel and Catch a Winner

Whether you’re a novice fisherman or an expert reel master, the Santa Monica Pier is home to many fishermen vying for ‘the big catch’. At the local pier bait and tackle store, fishermen swap stories of the one that got away. Grab your rod and reel, buy some bait, and enjoy the pier while hoping for a big catch of your own.

See a Piece of History at the 66 to Cali Shop

At the traditional end of historic route 66 lies a tiny historical shop dedicated to the mother of all roads in the United States. Route 66 stretches From Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California. At 2,400 miles in length, federal authorities decided to decommission the road in the late 1980s, but over 80% of the road still remains intact. The 66 to Cali shop is a 25 year traditional stop at the end of this historic highway. Take a picture at the scenic ‘end of highway 66’ sign, designed by the shop’s owner and Santa Monica native, Dan Rice.

Dance to the Early Morning at Rusty’s

There’s always a party at Rusty’s Surf Ranch. In addition to offering lunch and dinner fare, Rusty’s features live music every Friday and Saturday night. With a full bar, they have been serving up great live music and good times for more than 20 years. The bands vary from Doo Wop and classic rock to grunge, new wave, and indie rock.  That guarantees that every night at Rusty’s is a different and special experience.

LAX Car Rental Makes It Easy

The Santa Monica pier has something for everyone to enjoy. And since it’s just a short distance from most LA locations, getting there in your car rental is easy. Join the millions of people who have come from all across the world since 1909 to this iconic location. Value Rental Car offers affordable, short and long term car rentals that are perfect for seeing Santa Monica. Their Inglewood location is close to LAX, and they offer free pickup and dropoff service.

5 Great Los Angeles Art Galleries You’ll Love to Visit

Whether you are a car buff, window shopper, art gallery fanatic, or celebrity watcher, Los Angeles has plenty for everyone. Art appreciators will especially enjoy the spectacular galleries that Los Angeles has to offer. There are hundreds of galleries throughout Los Angeles that are an easy drive in a rental car. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of 5 great galleries to check out when you’re in town.

LA County Museum of Art

Since its inception in 1965, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has collected enormous amounts of artwork that anyone will enjoy. The museum is the largest of its kind in the western United States. You can find the museum on Wilshire Boulevard in the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles.  Within its vast walls are hundreds of thousands of modern and historical art objects to enjoy. Go early to make sure you have enough time to enjoy all the wonderful exhibits they have on display. Best of all, admission to the museum is inexpensive.

J. Paul Getty Museum

The Getty Museum is actually 2 separate locations. The main location is in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. It is a quick trip in a rental car if you’re near LAX. The secondary location is in the Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles. The secondary location features artwork and other exhibits from ancient Greece and Rome. They renovated the museum in 2006 when the main facility moved from the Pacific Palisades to its current location in Brentwood.

The main facility features collections of artwork that span from the Middle Ages to present times. There are over 1.3 million visitors from all over the world who make the trip to the Getty Museum to view the exhibits. They also have detailed information on their art exhibits available on their own “GettyGuide” network throughout the museum.  This network is also available online, before and after your trip.

Annenberg Space for Photography

The Annenberg Space for Photography is a great place those tourists looking for media-centric art. From anywhere in Los Angeles, the museum is a quick trip in a rental car. The museum features several exhibits dedicated to the art of photography. In addition, several highly rated photographers have lent their talents and skills to making the exhibits unique and wonderful. From traditional photo prints to the latest, state-of-the-art printing and digital technology available, the intimate location offers its own special view of the world of photography.

Adamm’s Stained Glass Gallery

If you’re looking for something unique and beautiful, a quick trip in your rental car to Santa Monica will bring you to Adamm’s Stained Glass Studio & Gallery. The gallery features exquisite art glass objects from over 175 of America’s top art glass creators. Curator Adamm Gritlefeld also has a stained glass studio and restoration center. Adamm’s works has been featured in countless businesses, churches, hotels, and restaurants throughout the world, including the White House. While it’s a shop, the selection is so varied and interesting, it feels like a museum. After your visit, it’s also fun to spend the afternoon and evening enjoying all the other attractions in Santa Monica.

La Luz de Jesus Gallery

The La Luz de Jesus Gallery is the place to go if you’re looking for a different kind of art. Located in Los Feliz, you and your rental car can easily make the drive to this unique destination. In fact. its owner, Art collector Billy Shire, sums up his gallery with the saying “Art should be by the people and for the people. It should be something that speaks to you, that entertains and challenges and changes your outlook.” The gallery has been the first to introduce to the public many then-unknown artists. These artists have gone on to claim their fame in the art world. With its unusual sculptures, narrative and figurative painting, and group exhibitions, it’s a great and interesting place to spend a long afternoon.

Getting Around Los Angeles

Every trip to Los Angeles should include a trip to at least one or two of these great art attractions. Value Rental Car makes it easy to get around Los Angeles. Their Inglewood location is close to LAX, and they have free pickup and dropoff service withing 7 miles. If you’re visiting the Pasadena area, look for the Value Rental Car location on E Colorado Blvd.

Photo courtesy of the The Jon B. Lovelace Collection of California Photographs in Carol M. Highsmith’s America Project, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division

No Visit to Los Angeles Is Complete Without a Hollywood Studio Tour

Los Angeles is famous for its film and television industry. When you’re visiting, it’s easy to get up close and personal with landmarks in the entertainment industry. You can see everything from Hollywood’s Walk of Fame to the taping of your favorite sitcom while you’re town. No visit to Los Angeles is truly complete without a studio tour. Studio tours give you a behind-the-scenes look at how your favorite moves and TV shows are made. Los Angeles is really spread out, so it’s smart to take advantage of a car rental to get around. Here’s a list of the places that make Hollywood magic really happen!

Warner Brothers Hollywood

Get set to explore outdoor sets and soundstages in this exciting and interesting studio tour. It’s more than just a tour of movie sets. The tour is more like an educational look into the filmmaking process. Warner Brothers Studio is known for famous productions like Jurassic Park and Batman. They also showcase an amazing Batmobile collection. These include the  1995 Batman Forever and 1989’s Batman cars. If your tastes tend more to Harry Potter, you’ll l love exploring the production artwork to the original props and costumes used in the movies.

At the end of your tour, it’s fun to step into a replica of the Central Perk Cafe set from the hit TV show Friends. You can actually order a cup of coffee,  and lunch options are available Monday- Friday.

Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures is located in Culver City. It’s easy to get to from LAX with a rental car. It features a fascinating 2-hour-long studio tour that begins by entering through the studio’s iconic gates. Classic MGM movies like The Wizard of Oz were filmed there.  This piece of history is commemorated by a giant rainbow arch sculpture near its entrance. You can even visit the soundstage where Judy Garland recorded the famous song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

If you are a fan of game shows, you will be in for a treat! It’s fun to visit the set of Jeopardy, one of the longest-running quiz shows on TV. It’s a blast to take a picture of yourself in one of the contestant seats. If the timing’s right, you can also enjoy a taping of Wheel of Fortune.

If you are looking for a walking tour that incorporates a look inside a real working film studio, then this is the ideal tour to check out.

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures is next on our list. It’s one of the only big movie studios still located in Hollywood proper. A visit to Paramount will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Famous movies like Forest Gump and The Godfather were filmed on the Paramount lot. You can also see props from these movies and more in the prop warehouse.

It’s a big tour that covers a lot of ground. If you get tired from walking, don’t worry — you can ride in a golf cart for part of the tour to see the sights

After you visit Paramount Studios, stop by for a spooky walk inside Hollywood Forever Cemetery next door.  Many famous Hollywood actors and directors are laid to rest here.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Last but not least, Universal Studios Hollywood  is probably the best known of the studios because of its theme park. It also offers an impressive studio tour. Best of all, a theme park ticket includes the studio tour, so why not do both?

The tour will feel like another amusement park ride in itself after you become immersed in Universal’s world of special effects. You will experience everything from a 3-D King Kong and dinosaurs battle over your tour vehicle, to experiencing a mock earthquake and a car chase similar to the Fast and the Furious movie series.

Universal tours really isn’t an informative studio tour. It’s more of an immersion into a fun cinematic experience that takes place indoors and outdoors.

Car Rental Makes It Easy

Value Rental Car is great for exploring all that Hollywood has to offer. Their Inglewood location is near LAX, and they offer free pickup and dropoff services within seven miles. A car rental makes it easy to step into the movies with any of these studio tours.