Roll On Over to the Petersen Auto Museum In Your Rental Car


Roll On Over to the Petersen Auto Museum In Your Rental Car

A rental car is the perfect way for a tourist to see everything Los Angeles has to offer. Unlike many other cities, Los Angeles is very spread out. Having a rental car at your disposal makes it easy to see more while you’re in town.

One of the more interesting attractions in Los Angeles is a monument to the city’s car culture itself. The Petersen Automotive Museum re-opened just two years ago after $125 million dollars in renovations. Founded in 1994, the Petersen Museum has a vast array of vehicles that trace the history of motoring. From the moment you pull up to the building, you will enjoy striking visuals from both the building and the exhibits in the galleries inside.  The first thing you’ll notice is the building’s amazing new façade. It uses sinuous ribbons of stainless steel to give the feeling of speed, and to mimic the lines of the custom automobiles on display.

Huge Additions

The Petersen didn’t just remodel their museum. They also added 15,000 square feet of display space and 25 new galleries. Even if you’ve visited the museum in the past, you’ll be sure to see something new.  The museum still houses numerous galleries devoted to automotive history, of course. They’ve also added lots of more contemporary attractions. Younger visitors will love the exhibits from the Disney/Pixar Cars movies.  Everyone can also try their hand at racing on Xbox Forza racing simulators. The new mixed with the old means everyone can find something interesting at the new Petersen.

Race Car Galleries

If racing gets your motor revving, you’ll find plenty of race cars and racing motorcycles on display. The exhibits include historic examples, up to and including modern day race cars. You can sneak a peek at a new $400,00 Ford GT, and learn a little of the history behind it. A walk through the motorsports gallery makes you feel like you’re traveling through time. It’s informative and fun to see all the different ways engineers have tried to get the edge on the track. It’s also interesting to see how many racing design strategies eventually end up on regular passenger cars.

Industry Galleries

If you’re interested in the engineering that makes the rental car you arrived in run, take a stroll through the Industry floor. On this floor, you can learn everything from the beginnings of internal combustion to ow the assembly line revolutionized the automotive industry. It’s not a dry, technical exhibit, either. The museum features the personal stories of the mechanics, drivers, and inventors that have made the automotive industry so important to America and the world.

Art Cars

For the artist inside you, there’s an entire floor devoted to art cars. It’s fun to see cars that have been turned into fine art that can not only move you physically but move you emotionally and mentally as well. From the Mullin Family Grand Salon to the Armand Hammer Foundation Gallery there is no shortage of breathtaking art in the form of vehicles.

Fun Learning

At the Petersen Auto Museum, there’s no shortage of learning opportunities. With galleries like the Design Gallery and the Propulsion Gallery, you and your family will learn about both the aesthetics and engineering of vehicles. Everyone loves to see cars from movies at the Automobiles in the Movies gallery, including internationally famous James Bond cars.

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