How To Rent an AirBnB in Los Angeles

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In a very short time, AirBnB has turned the lodging and hospitality industries on their head. Ten years ago the idea of renting an entire house for less than it costs to book a hotel room seemed far-fetched. Now thousands of furnished apartments, homes, and rooms are available to anyone with an internet connection. There are over 40,000 AirBnB listings in Los Angeles alone. Of that 40,000, over 25,000 are entire homes and apartments. Business professionals and tourists from all over the world have changed the way they travel because of this service. Now you only have to book an AirBnB and rent a car to visit a new city.

Here’s a breakdown of everything you’ll need to know to plan the perfect trip to Los Angeles using AirBnB.

Signing Up for AirBnB

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If you’re new to AirBnB, the first thing you’ll have to do is sign up and make an account. Go to and click the sign up button. If you downloaded the app, you’ll be prompted to make an account. There are a few ways to sign up. You can use your Facebook account, which will use your profile picture and information already found on Facebook to help populate your profile. You can also use an email address, Google account, or Apple ID. AirBnB is free to download and sign up for. You won’t have to add a payment method until you’re ready to book.

In order to book, AirBnB requires that you complete your registration. The info AirBnB asks for is very similar to what you’ll need to rent a car or book at a hotel room. Once you add your full name, an email address, a confirmed phone number, an introductory message, payment information, and agree to their terms of service, you’re good to go.

Booking the Right AirBnB for You

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To use AirBnB’s search function, all you’ll need to know is the city you want to book in, the check-in and check out dates, and the number of guests that will be staying. After you make your initial search, you can add different filters to help narrow down your search results. You can specify your price range, the number of beds, bedrooms, bathrooms, and a variety of accessibility options and amenities. You can even search based on host language, house rules, and neighborhood.

There are a host of different property types. These can range from houses and bungalows to apartments and guest suites. AirBnB also has listings for boutique hotels, resorts, and popular family-run bed and breakfasts. If you’re traveling on a budget, you can search for hostels in the area as well.

Tips for First Time Users

The sheer number of AirBnB listings in Los Angeles can make booking your first stay seem daunting. Here are a few tips to help you find the right listing for you.

Make sure to read all the reviews for a potential property. These reviews will include a lot of useful information that might not be shown in the pictures and description. If there’s anything in the AirBnB that the host doesn’t want you to know about, it will show up in the reviews. AirBnB reviews are from real people. Only users who’ve had a confirmed stay at the property in the last 14 days can leave a review. This prevents unscrupulous hosts from burying bad reviews or fudging their rating.

If you’re pressed for time and need to book an AirBnB right away, look for a listing that has an Instant Book option. This will let you book an AirBnB without going through the host-approval process. Properties with the instant book function will have a yellow lightening bolt next to their price per night. A regular request to book can take up to 24 hours to clear.

Look Out For Extra Fees

When you make a reservation on AirBnB, the price per night isn’t always what you wind up paying. After you enter your check-in and check out dates, you’ll see a full breakdown of all the fees and surcharges. This often includes a cleaning fee. Not all hosts charge a cleaning fee, but many opt to have a one-time fee to cover their housekeeping costs. On the other hand, the AirBnB service fee and local taxes are unavoidable. The AirBnB service fee ranges from 5% to 15% of the total cost of your reservation. Some AirBnB hosts offer a discount for staying a week or a month at a time. This discount can help offset some of the fees and taxes.

Get an AirBnB and Rent a Car in Los Angeles

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