How COVID Will Change the Way We Travel

How COVID Will Change The Way We Travel

The advent of COVID-19 had a severe effect on the travel industry. During the initial period of stay-at-home mandates, travel in the U.S. took a steep dive. According to the U.S Travel Association, international travel in 2020 dropped 76% compared to 2019. Domestic travel didn’t fare much better, dropping 34% in the same time period. Now that the Covid 19 vaccine has been widely distributed and infections per day are on the decline, restrictions have loosened up and many people are looking to take trips again. However, things may never fully return to the way they were before. Here’s a few ways that COVID will effect car rental, air travel, and more in the coming years.

You’ll Need Additional Identification

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While some countries still give COVID tests at the border, many have shifted focus onto ensuring all travelers are vaccinated. This is especially true if you’re coming from, or going to, a coronavirus hotspot.  If you don’t travel with evidence of your vaccination, you can be refused service by the airline or prevented from entering the airport entirely. Even having the wrong type of vaccine can cause issues at the border or the airport. When you travel next, be sure to bring your Vaccination ID card to ensure swift service.

Extra Cleaning Procedures Will Become Standard

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Everyone is familiar with the CDC’s recommendations for travelers to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. What many people don’t know is that stringent guidelines have also been placed on businesses in the travel industry. In the case of car rental agencies, more care is taken to ensure that the cars are cleaned between renters. This includes wiping down all surfaces, washing the seats regularly, and offering no-contact pickup and drop-off.

Rules and Restrictions May Change

Travel restrictions may be imposed or removed depending on the severity of a coronavirus outbreak. This means that the price of flying may fluctuate wildly for the coming months, even years. Those without a vaccination will find it difficult to travel while restrictions are in place. COVID shouldn’t affect car rental and other sectors of the travel industry in the same way, but it’s smart to keep an eye on any changes in regulations.

No More Traveling While Sick

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While it’s always a good idea to stay home when you have a cold, flu, or other illness, not enough people follow that rule. However, travelers and airlines are now very suspicious of people who display symptoms of illnesses of any kind. A sneeze in a public place will result in a lot more than dirty looks in some circumstances, for better or worse. Expect to have your temperature taken before entering public places or venues. Many public spaces also require vaccination IDs to enter now. While the combination of social stigma and actual restrictions may prevent carriers of COVID-19 from entering a crowded space, there’s no replacement for taking personal responsibility and staying home when you feel sick.

Guide Books May Be Out of Date

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The pandemic has been difficult for everybody, but especially for small businesses all over the country. While some were able to  make it through the shutdown and reopen, many had to close their doors for good. Your favorite restaurant, boutique, or small shop at your destination may no longer be there. That’s why it’s a good idea to check and double check all of your travel plans before leaving for your destination. If the places that you want to visit don’t have an online presence, give them a call and see if they’ll be open while you’re in town. This will save confusion and headaches in the long run.

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