The Best Places To Find Housing for Los Angeles Interns -The Best Places To Find Housing for Los Angeles Interns

Whether you went to school for finance, medicine, or business, LA is the best place to go for a summer internship. Los Angeles interns have an opportunity to work at some of the most prestigious companies in America. If you’re lucky enough to get an internship in the area, your job starts a long time before you get there. For your internship to go smoothly, you’ll need to plan transportation, housing, and more. Although many internships in the area are paid, the high cost of living in the area means you’ll have to be smart with your expenses.

First and foremost, you’ll need safe housing. Here are some of the best places to find housing for your Los Angeles internship.

UCLA Summer Hostel

Royce Hall UCLA college campus

Although the full name is the UCLA Summer Hostel for Students, you don’t have to be a student at UCLA to participate. Any student taking part in a summer internship in Los Angeles is eligible. This is a good option if you don’t mind staying in a dormitory. All of the spaces are shared, including the bedrooms. Since it’s part of the UCLA system, they ensure that the lodgings are safe, tidy, and pleasant. You can also pay extra per night for breakfast and dinner to be provided. This is good if your internship is tiring and you don’t want to cook when you get home.

KAPI Apartments for Interns


If dorms are a little too cramped, KAPI apartments are more spacious and oriented towards interns. They even take care of roommate matching so you’re spending your time with like-minded people in your industry. With a fully loaded kitchen, abundant living space, and space to work, these apartments can be a home away from home. The community amenities include a swimming pool, fitness center, and game rooms, so you can stay occupied on your time off.


Demand for housing in Los Angeles is at an all time high. This has lead to alternative housing systems like PodShare. This is a membership to access to a network of locations across Los Angeles, not just a single dorm or apartment. You pay one flat fee to can stay at any location, as long as there’s enough room. In this situation you have virtually no privacy, or room for your personal effects, and there’s no way to tell who you’ll be bunking with. If you’re only in town for a short period, this option can help keep your costs down.


Los Angeles couch surfing

This platform helps members connect with homeowners who have opened their space for travelers. With a community that includes 200,000 cities and over 12 million members, there’s a good chance you can make accommodations in Los Angeles. While this service is meant for short-term stays, it’s a good tool if you need housing quickly. Since the rooms are offered by private individuals, safety is a concern. This option isn’t recommended for anyone under the age of 21.

Banana Bungalow

With locations in Hollywood and West Hollywood, the Banana Bungalow isn’t your standard hostel experience. They offer a fun and affordable lodgings with private rooms and lots of communal activities. Their locations balance funky decorations with modern amenities, providing a themed experience for less than the cost of a hotel room. This makes it a safe, but exciting place for Los Angeles interns to work and make connections.

Los Angeles Furnished Apartments

Furnished Los Angeles Apartment

This option is closer to a standard rental than a cabana-themed hostel. In this case, it’s all in the name. This is your last stop if you’re looking for a no-nonsense, furnished apartment for interns. With apartments just 5 minutes from LAX, and 10 minutes from the ocean, you are located in the center of the action. The suites come with all of the modern amenities you would expect, such as WiFi, bedding, appliances, cookware, and a furniture. Best of all, you can make all your housing arrangements remotely, so the apartment is ready for you when you touch down.


Infographic - The Best Places To Find Housing for Los Angeles Interns


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