Top Ten LAX Airport Amenities: Lounges for Weary Travelers

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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the world’s third busiest airport, and the second busiest in the United States. With nine terminals and over 140 gates,  LAX airport has amenities for weary travelers on every corner. While many of the lounges require membership to enter, there are quite a few that you can pay to use. Priority pass members and military personnel will have more options than the average flyer. Here’s a quick rundown of 10 awesome airport lounges that will make your next layover a breeze.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse

If you’re traveling internationally on Virgin airlines, be sure to stop by the Atlantic Clubhouse in terminal 2. Priority pass members are welcome until 11:30 AM. Stop by and enjoy the complimentary dining, WiFi, and full-service bar. Featuring Instagrammable views of the Hollywood Hills from the upper mezzanine, the clubhouse is also open to Delta Medallion, Flying Club Gold, and Aer Lingus members.

Delta Sky Club

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Also located in Terminal 2, the Sky Club is open to Delta members and American Express Platinum cardholders. The lounge bar is one of the best in the airport. They offer craft beer, wine, and mixed drinks. The Delta Sky Club also has business areas with printers and free WiFi. If you want to clean up, they have a luxury restroom with showers. While other lounges at LAX airport have washroom amenities, this one is known for being clean and professional.

Centurion Lounge

The American Express Centurion lounge is conveniently located right after the main TSA checkpoint in the Tom Bradley International Terminal. Along with the standard array of food and drink, Centurion Lounges provide family rooms for traveling parents with young children. Solo travelers are also welcome to check out their tranquility rooms as well which offers a break from the hustle and bustle of air travel. The lounge is accessible for American Express Centurion and Business Platinum cardholders, as well as some Delta SkyMiles Reserve cardholders.

American Airlines Admirals Club

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Although there are three separate Admirals Clubs across LAX, the one located in terminal 4 has the most amenities. Complimentary access is available to qualifying American Airlines and Onewold passengers. You can also pay a fee to enter and use the facilities. The conference room is an excellent stop if you need to have an impromptu business meeting or get some work done. There’s also a children’s play area for traveling families.

Alaska Lounge

The Alaska Airlines Lounge is part of the Priority Pass lounge network, and is also accessible by purchasing a $50 day pass. Be sure to grab some complimentary snacks and check out the barista-manned coffee bar. Although this lounge doesn’t offer as much privacy as others, it’s a great place to grab a bite to eat and watch the planes take off. Of all the lounges at LAX airport, this one offers the most amenities for the least money.

USO Lounge

Located in the iconic LAX Theme building at the center of the airport, the USO Lounge is open to active-duty military members and veterans with military ID. With plenty of outdoor space, private family rooms, and sleeping areas, the USO lounge is perfect for military members and their families to unwind between flights. This is one of the only lounges in the airport to provide board games, video games, and family friendly entertainment.

United Polaris Lounge

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Travelers flying United Polaris or Star Alliance business class are in for a treat when they stop by the United Polaris Lounge. It features buffet-style sit-down dining, a full bar, fitness center, and private rooms. High speed WiFi is available throughout the lounge, as well as a full bathroom with a shower. The next time you’re touching down after a long flight, you should definitely stop by.

Star Alliance Lounge

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Non-affiliated travelers rejoice, the Star Alliance Lounge now offers paid lounge access. Complimentary access is still available for Star Alliance Gold members, first class, and business class passengers. This lounge has one of the best full bars at LAX, along with a unique outdoor terrace.  While anyone is allowed to buy access, there’s a separate first class lounge with luxury a la carte dining, and extra privacy.

Oneworld Business Lounge

International business passengers love the Oneworld Business Lounge for its clean and modern design. The lounge has plenty of room to relax, get some work done, or catch up on some sleep. Of course, it can be hard to get any business taken care of with the full bar so nearby, with rotating complimentary drinks for some members. Stop by if you’re a business or first class passenger on a Oneworld flight.

Korea Air KAL Lounge

Located on Level 5 of the Tom Bradley International Terminal, the Korea Air KAL Lounge is a breath of fresh air for international travelers. Complimentary entry is available for Lounge Club, Dragon Pass, Diners Club, and Priority Pass members. Pair the imported wine, beer, and spirits, with their free WiFi and you’ve got a winning combination.


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