How To Save Money on Car Rental Satellite Radio

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Satellite radio has become one of the most popular ways to listen to your favorite music on the go. Many car rental companies offer daily, weekly, or monthly SiriusXM packages when you book. Unfortunately, the costs add up quick. This is because big rental companies try to make as much money on extra features as possible, so they add a premium to an already pricey service. A SiriusXM package can cost up to $8 a day, depending on who you rent from. Subscriptions are great for entertainment, but they can be quite hard on your wallet. Try these strategies to save money on car rental radio services.

Opt Out of Satellite Radio

save money on car rental satellite radio

This is certainly the most cost effective option. If you don’t mind foregoing satellite radio, you can save a bundle of money on car rental. Naturally, there are other ways to listen to music. Almost every car made after 2010 comes with a CD player. You could always pack a few of your favorite albums for the next time you pick up a rental car. Also, many newer cars have Bluetooth functionality or an Apple Carplay unit. This allows you to connect your phone and play some of your favorite tunes directly from your personal media library.

If you  have a more budget-friendly car with limited options, it might only come with a radio. You can get around this by purchasing a FM transmitter for your trip. This device plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter port (auxiliary mobile power outlet) and transmits a localized FM signal that you can tune in to with a standard car radio. That way you can connect to your phone or MP3 even if you have a basic vehicle. This little device usually costs less than $20.

Use Your Own Satellite Radio Unit

There’s no reason to pay a premium to a rental company for a service you already pay for. If you have a portable satellite radio unit, take it with you the next time you travel. If you don’t have a portable SiriusXM radio, consider using XM All Access. This subscription allows you to listen to your favorite satellite radio stations on a phone app. Simply plug your phone into the car’s auxiliary port, and stream your favorite stations directly using your mobile data. If the car doesn’t have an auxiliary port, consider purchasing an FM transmitter.

Alternatives to Satellite Radio

save money on car rental smartphone

It’s becoming common for people to stream music from their phone instead of using satellite radio. Many of these services offer unlimited access to a varied selection of artists and genres for a fraction of the price of SiriusXM. Provided you have a good data plan, here are some popular streaming platforms that could replace your satellite radio subscription.


Founded in 2006, this Swedish music streaming platform offers an enormous selection of music, podcasts, and audio books.  Spotify can be used for free with ads, or you can pay a subscription for uninterrupted listening, unlimited downloads, and access to exclusive features.


This American music streaming app is excellent for finding new music. Pandora is an internet radio service that automatically curates radio stations for you based on your favorite artist, genres, and user feedback. You can download the app and start finding new music for free if you don’t mind hearing ads.

Apple Music

This music streaming service is run by Apple and offers an enormous library of over 60 million songs. Users can also download their favorite tracks and play them offline. Apple Music is a premium service, but new users can get the first few months free as of right now.

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