Should You Be Paid for a Los Angeles Internship?

A Los Angeles internship can be an excellent deal for students. You get experience working at an established business and a chance to build your resume. An internship can provide a strong start to any career. Unfortunately, not all internships pay wages. California has more stringent rules about paying interns than many other states. In some cases, an intern is entitled to at least minimum wage. Check out our useful article on how much Los Angeles interns are paid for more information on paid internships.

Requirements for Unpaid Internships

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While there are a great deal of paid internships out there, they have different requirements than an unpaid internship. When an intern is paid, the company doesn’t have to provide training similar to an educational environment. This means that your relationship with your employer is a lot closer to a low level employee than intern. Unpaid interns also aren’t allowed to hold a position that replaces a regular employee. This keeps the intern from performing free labor, and it works to benefit the intern by keeping them under close supervision with existing staff.

For a company to have an unpaid intern they have to provide training that doesn’t result in any immediate advantage for the company. Otherwise the company would have to reimburse the intern for helping them profit. While these rules keep the exchange between company and intern even, the intern isn’t entitled to a job at the end of an unpaid internship, and has to go through regular channels to apply for further employment.

How To Tell If An Internship Is Unpaid

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When applying for a job or Los Angeles internship, it’s normal for the company to advertise if the position is paid and if it has other benefits. The internship job market can be fierce, and companies are always on the lookout for new talent. However, there are a few ways you can tell if an internship is going to be unpaid. If you receive an academic credit after completing your internship, it’s unlikely you’ll be paid. These types of internship programs are closer to a classroom experience, compared to actual employment. These programs are often overseen by a university, which is how it’s able to provide the educational credit. Since the interns aren’t a part of the actual company’s operations, this reduces operational risk as only professional complete regular work.

What Is Job Shadowing?

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While it’s not the same as an internship, job shadowing provides an opportunity for an intern to see the normal day-to-day functions of a company. An intern is paired with an employee who they follow for a period of time. The intern is under constant supervision and usually doesn’t perform any tasks. Job shadowing is often included in an unpaid internship, as it’s primarily for the benefit of the intern. The business has to provide some kind of pay if the intern is asked to perform tasks for the business.

Expectations For Interns

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Prior to being taken on as an intern, it’s normal to be briefed about any expectations that the company has for you. This will include a written statement that there is no job guaranteed at the end of the internship. Along with a statement of whether any wages are due, the intern will have to confirm that the internship is for the benefit of the intern. After you get the standard paperwork and agreements out of the way, you’ll usually receive an on boarding package with more information about the company culture. Make sure to follow standard business etiquette like showing up on time. Most businesses have a simple dress code, so make sure you have appropriate attire for your new internship.

What If My Internship Is Outside Los Angeles?

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While California has more stringent laws on internships than other states, every state still has to abide by Federal Labor Laws. Some states like New York have adopted similar rules to California, but many states have their own criteria for internships. Under most circumstances, if your internship includes work that will benefit the company, it has to be a paid position regardless of which state the business is located.

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